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Being Green Fad or Fact?

Is the push to be green fad or fact?

fad (noun): "an interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal, craze."

Being green is so fun and sexy these days: all of the major magazines of the world now produce an annual "green" issue: Fortune, Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Economist, Surfing, just to name a few. The Sundance Channel has TV's first Green Channel. The USA has Al Gore and now Live Earth. California's Arnold The Governator embraces alternative fuels and global warming solutions.

The planet is packed with green film festivals, seminars, consultants and even sexy environmental TV hosts wearing organic cotton and "sustainable" makeup. There's a green option for nearly everything.

Is this "Green Living" a real movement that reflects a true paradigm shift in human consciousness, or is it just an attempt to sell more "Green" products? This global system of supply and demand, if a product doesn't create tangible results it disappears. So in the near future as humanity finds that its "green" efforts aren't working as immediately as desired, the green style could quickly become old fad, discarded on the waste pile along with batteries and unused plastic grocery bags.

On the other hand, 'green living" could become such an innate part of society and our way of life that media will no longer go out of its way to call it green or to create special features on it. It will simply be our lifestyle, instead of the new shift in consciousness, and it will be completely absorbed into our daily consumption patterns. It will no longer be a new energy saving novelty, but rather an absolute reality ingrained seamlessly into everything we do.

Living a greener life doesn't have to mean giving up the things that you enjoy, just rethinking about what you need and what alternatives are out there! Call right away for help with a more eco-friendly approach to your floor or counter top project. 503-341-4247

From sustainable or recycled products like bamboo or glass tiles to carpet made from corn and countertops made with recycled paper, Surface Brokers is on the cutting edge of this green movement; fad or fact.

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